JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02120 Router Lift Review

JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02120 Router Lift




Above all, we liked the versatility of the JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02120 router lift than can be paired with almost any router available on the market. We also liked the sturdy design and the precision provided, which make it a great router lift for any application.

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When handling a router lift, precision is the key to a safe and successful project and the quality of the materials and the design are essential for achieving the desired result. If you choose the JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02120 router lift, you won’t have to worry about these aspects because it has been designed with safety and precision in mind. Besides, it’s very versatile and can match multiple router models so you will not have to invest in a new router as well, which is great if also you consider that the lift only costs $369. Take a closer look at its particularities to see if it’s what you have been looking for.

Design Particularities of the JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02120

One of the aspects worth mentioning about this device is the portability which makes it comfortable to use. You can take it anywhere with you and install it anywhere in your workshop and use it with ease. It measures 13.8 x 12.5 x 10.8 inches and weighs 13.6 pounds so moving it around should not be a tiresome job. However, the lightweight and portable design don’t mean that this router lift sacrifices quality or sturdiness. On the contrary, it is made of a 3/8-inch solid aluminum and hard anodized material that ensures it will not break under force and pressure. The lift can be fit into any fixed router base for added functionality.

Technical Specifications

A good router lift is the one that can match more than one router and that doesn’t limit to the models designed by the same manufacturer. Given this benchmark, you can say that this product is an awesome choice because it can match a wide range of router models, from JessEm to Bosch, DeWalt, or Craftsman. Moreover, attaching each router is a breeze thanks to the user-friendly design of the lift that doesn’t require special tools. You won’t need bent wrenches to make above the table changes for every router model as other router lifts might require.
The advanced technology used in manufacturing this item makes it ideal for any application, from simple cutting to more complex tongue and groove cuts. The lift features a double sealed bearing construction that adds to the smoothness in use and the precision obtained. Moreover, the lift includes a patented feature that adds tension to the threaded spindle, resulting in less vibrating and backlash and preventing router setting changes.


This router lift is a complete tool that will make routing a simpler and safer activity. It comes with precision rings that guide you in attaching the router so you will not encounter problems is setting the lift. It also comes with unique clamping blocks that allow you to pair it with many fixed routers. What you will need to add is a dust collection port that will minimize the mess created while cutting wood since the lift doesn’t come with a pre-installed one.


Before purchasing, you must know that it comes with a limited 1-year warranty that covers all defects in workmanship and operating. However, you need to handle it properly in order to enjoy the warranty because it doesn’t stand behind the product if you maneuver it improperly or you try to repair it yourself. It’s also important to pair the product with compatible accessories otherwise it might be damaged and the warranty will not cover this type of damage. You can also contact the manufacturer for a refund claim in case you are not satisfied with the way the product works.

Final Thoughts

After analyzing this product, we were able to conclude that it’s an excellent choice that brings versatility to your routing tasks. The fact that it can fit a wide range of router models makes it extremely practical and easy to use. Moreover, it comes with all the preset accessories you will need for fitting a router on it. With the 1-year warranty, you might not feel very protected against damage but you can rest assured knowing that the tool will work properly for many years to come. Bottom line, it’s a great addition to your tool shed that will provide sturdiness and performance.